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Chicago Psychic Medium Michael
   You have taken the first step to Spiritual Enlightenment. I do not see myself as just a Psychic Medium. I also see my self as a spiritual counselor. I help my clients to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses. I help them to find the power to make significant changes and important decisions by revealing to them, what is revealed to me.  My readings prepare my clients for what is ahead, so they can have a better understanding and a better approach to their situation and/or concerns.
   If you are ready to embrace the truth of your situation, then allow me to tap into your life and give you the guidance you seek. I offer the truth with love and compassion. I'm not here to encourage fantasy, unrealistic ideas or guidance, rather to give you a realistic approach to whatever your concerns are rather it's love, family, career, or health.
    No one is 100% accurate but you can trust that I will ALWAYS be honest with you. I will not tell you what you want to hear or lies. My readings will be in-depth, well detailed and accurate.I take pride in my accuracy and in the relationships with each and everyone of my clients. Below you will see some of my client's thoughts on their readings. 
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Chip-MindCemeterysaid on Jun 25,2011
Michael Gourley is one of the premier psychic/mediums in the world and is a breath of fresh air in a field filled with older individuals. Michael opens the door for the next generation of mediums to come forward and let there talents be known and used for the benefit of all mankind. 
Rory said on May 23,2012
Michael changed my life on Sunday, May20th. He is the most gentle person I've ever met. To all the "non-believers " he is not a scam by any means. He knew things about me and my family that NO ONE could have known. I am now at peace with loosing my father.Thank you Michael for changing my life.