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Watch out for Psychic scams.

 I can't tell you how many clients have come to me who have been a victim of a Psychic scam. So I've decided to dedicate a page to educate everyone on the difference between a real psychic/medium and a con artist. These days there are so many different psychic scams.


   This page is not to judge any culture or the others involve with these scams as a whole. They aren't all bad people, however there are some people who seek to take advantage of people in their time of need. They prey on human fears and weakness. Telling people that they have negative energy or a curse surrounding them or their family. They will even use yours or a family member's health as a way to scare you into believing that they are the only ones that can help or save you. They will tell you to call at certain times on certain days or to bring a list of things (some weird or hard to find). This is their way of testing how much control they have over you. Following their demands, will show them that you believe and they can start demanding money for their spiritual work that will help or save you.

   They have been getting away with this because for years people were staying quiet, ashamed that they've been taken advantage of. In the last few years, people have started to take a stand against these scams.  If you think you have been a victim, Please contact your police department and file a report.

 How to tell the difference between a legitimate Psychic and a scam

Psychics will not have neon signs. Their signs will say: $10 psychic reading special-reunited love ones-100% accurate-Charkas and etc.

Psychics have nothing to hide.  Scam  artist will not allow you to record your sessions or allow someone to sit in during your reading.

Psychics will have a set fee for the session. Scam  artist will always give you a free or low price at first but will add on during your reading or the next reading.  They will make it seem like they really care and that they are really worried about you.

They will tell you that you have to come back and that they are the only one that can help.

Psychics will not tell you that you have a curse or hex. Scam  artist will used this method to ask for more money to remove it.

Psychics will not tell you that they can do love spells or reunited loved ones.

Psychics will use their real name and post pictures of themselves. Scam  artist will not use their pictures or real names in ads or websites.

All Tarot card readers are not Psychic.  Anyone can learn how to read tarot cards.

Another scam alot of people are not aware of is the Psychic Hotlines. Psychics who work for hot lines get pay by the minute and commission. They are judged, not by their accuracy but how long they can keep you on the phone. 


Most important, trust your judgement.

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