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Aura Reading & Cleansing

The aura is a very subtle interaction of energies that surrounds the human body. There are many layers, colors, shapes, and patterns in the aura. The characteristics of the aura change according to the mental, physical, spiritual, or inner state of a person. Our aura is weakened by poor diet, stress, lack of rest, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, alcohol, drugs, negative habits and deeds, and negative thoughts. Based on that, it is helpful to remember every time you have a negative thought about someone or a situation that thought will go out and attract more of the same back to you. Our auras are created by us and can be changed by us to attract positive influences in our lives. Frequent submission to negative emotions upsets the balance and harmony in the aura which can in turn affect the physical body. Your mood will be uplifted, you will have more energy, more focused thinking, and control over your emotions and behavior by having an aura cleansing.


  Individual Session - $150

Couples's Session- $225

Michael now offers 30 min Cleansing that can be added to your reading.  

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